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La Vedette in the top 5: "Restaurants to try the best crepes in Catalonia"

The newspaper has recently published an article with a selection of the five restaurants where you can eat the best crepes in Catalonia and one of them, is our restaurant, La Vedette.

We are very happy to be part of the list of the best crepes restaurants in CataloniaPublications like this help us to confirm that our philosophy and the work method we follow gives good results, that the effort and enthusiasm we put in our kitchen becomes a quality product and a different and original gastronomic experience.

We want to share with you our philosophy, how we work and the roads we have walked to find our place in the gastronomy sector and to be able to offer a differentiating and quality product that everyone can enjoy.


An innovative product in the Spanish gastronomic offer

We have a very clear premise, to offer a different and quality product that allows you to enjoy an innovative gastronomic experience at an affordable price..

To achieve our goal, we decided to bring a little piece of the traditional French cuisine, the Galettes, which is a very popular product in France and had not yet made the leap to the gastronomic offer of Girona.

The Galettes are a different model of crepes. This culinary specialty of French Brittany, which is usually taken as a main meal, consists of a thin base made of buckwheat to which you can add any type of ingredient to form a very complete dish.

To elaborate our Galettes we use only the best ingredients and our method combines the tradition de la cuisine française, which we have been acquiring after many trips and learning experiences, with the innovative techniques that we have been developing after years of work and growth.

Galettes La Vedette

The selection of varied and first quality ingredients allow us to offer a varied gastronomic product, adaptable to different palates and dietary needs, working under a model of healthy eating.

To offer a wide gastronomic selection we have elaborated a menu designed with care and detail that, in addition to multiple options of Galettes, is completed with Swiss cheese fondues, hummus, pates, hamburgers, salads, sweet crepes... and culminates with the pairing of a select range of wines, ciders and beers.


La Vedette's Philosophy: Beyond a good product

The central axis of our philosophy is to offer a different and quality product, without neglecting all the elements that make up a dining experience: the lighting, the decoration, the people who make up our team, how we communicate with our customers...

Something very important for us is that you feel at ease in our restaurant. Therefore, both the furniture, decoration and lighting have been carefully chosen to create a pleasant and peaceful atmosphere.

We have two different rooms to suit all needs, whether it is an intimate and quiet evening or a lively dinner with friends, you will find the ideal space in our restaurant. When the weather is nice, you can also enjoy your meal on our terrace, located in the charming old town of Girona.

While the environment is a fundamental point that will accompany your experience in our restaurant, we also want you to feel at home when you come to taste our dishes. Our entire team is focused on giving you the best attention at all times, so that you do not lack anything.

Local La Vedette


Come and live the gastronomic experience of the Breton cuisine in Girona

If you have not yet tried our Galettes, which have earned a place in the top five of the best crepes in Catalonia, we are waiting for you to enjoy firsthand how is the dining experience we offer at La Vedette.


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