With a long history in the hostelry business, we decided to bet for Girona in 2008, specifically in a very nice place in the Sant Feliu neighborhood.

La Vedette has been able to combine a modern atmosphere with the place’s long history”



La Vedette owns its name to a very important character in Sant Feliu’s modern history, the oldest in GIRONA’s read area.

Here you may enjoy a wide range of Galettes Bretonne cooked with traditional and exotic ingredients, chicken tagine salad, hummus, pates and cheeses and the delicious sweet crepes as dessert.

Special reference should be about our cheese fondue, cooked with handmade cheeses directly imported from Switzerland and you can only be found in La Vedette.


It is an old stone construction which was renovated to offer a modern look, but respecting and potentiating the initial authenticity. There are two different rooms, one at the entry for quiet and private dinners and the other at the back with an arched roof for bigger groups. We also have a wonderful terrace appropriate for good weather. You will love the old cinema style decoration and the restaurant vibrations.


It’s the product of a lot of years of learning and travelling around the world. We provide a wide range of dishes based on both Galettes Bretonnes, made of buckwheat, and on Swiss Cheese Fondues.