La vedette
barri vell girona
La Vedette franchise, an expansion project with a unique model

We help you create a gastronomic corner of French Brittany, in a quiet and welcoming environment, with the best products!

Our restaurant was born in 2007, we were looking for a different and innovative business idea that would open new horizons in the gastronomic offer. 

The founder, Natalia Pons, has created a menu prepared with great care, bringing together the best quality ingredients, the tradition of the typical French cuisine elaborations, the constant updating of the kitchen, with a healthy eating model. All this in a well-kept, cozy and quiet environment, where you can enjoy food with the best company. 

At La Vedette we have managed to reinvent the concept of fast food by offering an original, quality and healthy product at affordable prices. 

Our Breton Galettes are a different model of savory pancakes, made with buckwheat flour, in a wide variety of styles adapted to all palates and dietary needs. The gastronomic offer is completed with fondues, cheeses, salads, carpaccios, hamburgers... all paired with the best selection of wines, ciders and beers. 

Apart from taking care of the dishes in detail, for our team the overall experience of the customers is very important, paying special attention to the atmosphere of the restaurant and of course customer service.

We take a step towards the franchise, offering a unique opportunity

After fifteen years of experience, growth and improvement, we believe it's time to take this little piece of French Brittany beyond Girona. 

Our product, specialized and with an open uncovered market, has great expansion potential as a franchise. The business is easily transferable, with a clear know-how and a forecast of success and economic profitability. 

Thanks to the experience of these years, we have been able to clearly define the necessary requirements to replicate the success of the business. 


The possibility of a profitable business with a very differentiated product in the gastronomic sector with growth potential that has not yet been exploited. Our fifteen-year experience enables us to make an easy transfer and to provide the knowledge and necessary tools for a successful business. We are committed to providing continuous advice for the management of the establishment and complete training in product knowledge.


To be able to bring our product with the same service and quality that we offer in our establishment, we seek that our philosophy is shared with the franchisee. We are looking for entrepreneurs with administration knowledge, who want to manage their own business. We value the direct relationship with the franchisee and that he or she connects with our vision of the product, the franchise is a collaboration between two parties who have the common goal of obtaining good results by contributing together and collaborating to achieve the best of the results.


The franchisee must make a personal commitment to the franchise and the product, understanding our philosophy to be able to offer the same quality and dedication with which La Vedette was created. We seek to establish honest, trustworthy and mutually supportive partnerships with franchisees.
The conditions are as follows:
• Entry fee: 15,000 euros.
• Exploitation royalty: 2%
• Marketing royalty: 1%
• Initial investment: 115,000 euros.

Are you interested in being part of the La Vedette group?

If you share our philosophy and want to bring the Brittany style cuisine to your land with a business capable of high revenues, contact us. We will be happy to meet you, give you more information and work together.

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