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Temps de Flors 2024

The 69th edition of Temps de Flors in Girona will take place from May 11th to 19th. During this period, the city is adorned with flowers, offering a unique visual spectacle that attracts visitors from all corners. This 2024, there will be 137 floral projects distributed in 109 spaces, emblematic historical sites and other limited access locations will open their doors to the public, inviting them to immerse themselves in an authentic urban garden.

New spaces and routes Temps de Flors 2024

In this edition of Temps de Flors, new spaces adorned with flowers await us to enjoy during the visit. The Gothic courtyard of Casa Solterra, the path of Queen Ermessenda, the arcades of La Rambla, Argenteria Street, the garden of the Girona Casino, and the House of Arts of Mas Ramada will participate this year in the floral spectacle.

We will also be able to enjoy again some locations that were not themed during the last editions. Casa Cúndaro, Torre Gironella, Palau de Caramany, and the church of Sant Martí Sacosta will once again be part of the Temps de Flors route.

Sustainable Temps de flors to face the drought

As sustainable adaptation measures to the current drought situation, priority has been given to the selection of plants and flowers that require less water, prioritizing native species and those resistant to dry climates. Additionally, it has been decided not to water during the days of the exhibition and to do so only at the beginning of the festival with stored rainwater.

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Highlights of Temps de Flors 2024

With 109 spaces dedicated to this floral festival, it can be challenging to visit them all. There are several ways to organize the tour; some prefer to follow the different itineraries organized by the City Council or simply wander through the old town discovering the floral treasures on every corner. Whatever your way of exploring and enjoying this floral spectacle, we highlight some points of great interest so you don't miss them during your visit:

  • The stairs of the cathedral: Spectacularly decorated, they stand in the heart of the city.
  • The Arab Baths: Masterfully decorated, they captivate with their architectural beauty and unique charm.
  • Pujada de Sant Domènec: A corner that always surprises and leaves visitors amazed.
  • Peixateries Velles Bridge: A floral masterpiece that surrounds you when crossing the bridge.
  • The basement of the cathedral: An exclusive space that opens only during Temps de Flors and never fails to impress.
  • Sant Fèlix: Both the stairs and the interior of the church are transformed into a visual spectacle that leaves visitors speechless.
  • Plaça dels Jurats and Jardins dels Alemanys: Temporarily become a place full of color and life.

La Vedette: Special Temps de Flors Gastronomy

To conclude the experience, what better way than to enjoy an exquisite lunch or dinner at La Vedette? Additionally, during Temps de Flors, we offer a special menu that adds to the festive spirit.

We invite you to experience the fusion of unique flavors, inspired by the ephemeral beauty of flowers and the nature that surrounds us. This exclusive gastronomic experience will transport you to a world of culinary delights that perfectly complement the charm of the floral festival.

We wish you an excellent visit to Temps de Flors!

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