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Breton galettes with local ingredients for every taste

At La Vedette, we offer a gastronomic experience based on the use of quality ingredients, prioritizing local and proximity products. Our galettes combine Breton tradition with the best local ingredients to create a wide variety of options for all palates.

Haven't tried our galettes yet? Let us tell you about some of the options you'll find on our menu:

Classic Galettes

Classic galettes are a true delight for lovers of traditional cuisine. With typical ingredients like cheese or sweet ham, our classic galettes offer a combination of authentic and classic flavors. One galette that stands out among the classics is:

– La Complète: This galette combines sweet ham, Emmental cheese, and egg, a classic that always triumphs.

Vegetarian and Vegan Galettes

For lovers of garden-fresh foods, we have a wide selection of vegetarian and vegan galettes. These delicious and healthy galettes stand out for their creativity and combination of ingredients. Some of our vegetarian galettes are:

– La Ruperta: This galette features a unique combination of raw spinach, Parmesan cheese, pumpkin jam, pumpkin seeds, and balsamic reduction—a symphony of flavors.

– La Saint-Gilles: A delicious galette with baked potatoes, grilled zucchini, vegetable confit, chives, and Reblochon cheese cream.

Salmon Galettes

If you love fish, you must try our salmon galettes. Enjoy and explore two combinations of salmon with cheeses, vegetables, and spices. An example of our salmon galettes is:

– Palta: A delicious galette with goat cheese, cherry tomatoes, avocado, smoked salmon, and arugula.

Parisian Galettes

Parisian galettes are a perfect fusion of traditional French flavors with a contemporary touch. With ingredients such as various cheeses, meats and sausages, different vegetables, and special sauces, these creations will surprise you. Some of our Parisian galettes are:

– La Vedette: This galette combines goat cheese, duck breast, apple chutney, and red fruit vinaigrette for an explosion of sophisticated tastes.

– Sausage: An irresistible galette with grilled sausage, Reblochon cheese, baked potato, caramelized onion, chives, and Dijon mustard vinaigrette.

Sweet Crepes, the Perfect Option for Desserts

At La Vedette, we have a wide variety of sweet crepes that combine flavors and ingredients for every taste: chocolate, fruits, ice cream, whipped cream, nuts, etc. Here's a small sample of our options for dessert lovers:

– Marrón: This crepe combines chestnut cream with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and caramelized nuts for an irresistible burst of flavors.

– Atlas: A crepe that will transport you to exotic lands with its combination of honey, almonds, and vanilla ice cream.

– Orangette: This crepe offers a combination of Grand Marnier, hot chocolate, and orange marmalade.

Galettes bretonnes avec des ingrédients locaux pour tous les goûts

Enjoy unique galettes and crepes made with the best local ingredients. At La Vedette, we love to see you enjoy our galettes and crepes, prepared with local ingredients to offer a wide range of options for all tastes. Additionally, you can accompany your galette or crepe with different appetizers or an irresistible cheese fondue. Check out all the options we offer on our menu. Come visit us to enjoy a unique and different gastronomic experience!

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