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Breton creams and gallettes: History and Curiosities

At La Vedette, we love delving into culinary roots and bringing you authentic Breton flavors. In this entry, we will explore the exciting world of Breton crepes and galettes, unearthing their history and uncovering some fascinating curiosities that make these gastronomic delights a unique experience.

History of Breton Crepes and Galettes

Les crepes i galettes bretones tenen una llarga història que es remunta al segle XII a Bretanya, la regió situada al nord-oest de França. Originalment, les crepes eren una mena de galetes dolces, mentre que les galettes eren galetes de sarraí salades. Aquestes delícies eren inicialment associades a celebracions religioses i esdeveniments importants.

Over time, crepes and galettes became popular throughout France and are now known worldwide as iconic dishes of French cuisine. Crepes are famous for their thinness and can be served with a variety of sweet toppings such as chocolate, fruit, or jam. On the other hand, galettes are thicker and are traditionally served with sausages, cheese, and vegetables, making them a savory and delicious option.

Curiosities about Breton Crepes and Galettes

Crepes and Good Fortune

According to tradition, skillfully flipping your crepe will bring you good luck. And if you manage to flip it six times without it breaking, you will marry soon. At La Vedette, our expertise in crepe making is a guarantee of good fortune for our diners.

La Chandeleur

Known as Candlemas Day, this festival, falling 40 days after Christmas, has its roots in the 5th century when Pope Gelasio I decided to replace a pagan festival with the tradition of distributing crepes to pilgrims arriving in Rome. Nowadays, in France, this day is synonymous with family gatherings, delicate crepes, and lights being lit at home to bid farewell to winter and welcome the arrival of spring.

The Crepe Race

Since 1445, in the picturesque village of Olney (England), a peculiar race is organized: participants must run 380 meters with a frying pan in hand, dressed in traditional Breton attire. The goal is to toss the crepe from the start to the finish line, a tradition that blends sports, gastronomy, and culture into an experience that transcends history.

Magic, Tradition, and Gastronomy at La Vedette

At La Vedette, we bring you the authentic essence of Breton crepes and galettes. Each bite will transport you to this beautiful region of France, with all its history and tradition. We invite you to taste our galettes, prepared with passion and authenticity. Come to La Vedette and discover the magic of true Breton cuisine. Bon appétit!

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